Tip of the Week

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Maintaining Turtle Control – It’s important to remember as cops that we sometimes need to train techniques differently for the street than we would in a typical sport setting. In the gym we are rolling to submit or avoid being submitted by our training partner. For the street, we may be training to keep enough control of someone so they can’t run away. This is an example for maintaining turtle position with a down subject.

Previous ‘Tip of the Week’ videos have covered a number of different aspects of sport jiu-jitsu and jiu-jitsu more geared toward the law enforcement fields. Each tip is only a few minutes long, so we encourage you to take a few minutes and breeze through the links below that sound interesting to you.

Tip of the Week – Discussion on Grips – Newer guys often have a problem with grips giving out because they are not gripping properly. Use this tip to strengthen your gi grips and reduce forearm fatigue.

Tip of the Week – Shrimping: Distance v Space – Shrimping is one of the most critical skills needed in jiu-jitsu. But then once a student learns to shrimp, it’s important for the student to know the purpose for shrimping.

Tip of the Week – How to Use Hips During a Seatbelt Takedown – Here is a quick tip regarding hips during a seatbelt takedown. This move is very law enforcement friendly – meaning it is easy to hit with relatively low risk.

Tip of the Week – Increasing Bite During Triangle – Do you struggle to hit your triangles? One thing to check is how strong of a “bite” you are getting during the initial setup. Control their posture and you control the position.

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