Technique Videos

Blue Line BJJ is proud to produce original video content encompassing both law enforcement and sport jiu-jitsu. We’re not vain enough to try and claim we invented any of these techniques, but we do hope we present the information in a clean and logical format. Visitors can either follow the pages below for the latest videos, or subscribe to your YouTube channel and be informed each time a new video is uploaded.

Tip of the Week: Each Tuesday we release a new “Tip of the Week” on our Facebook page. They are not meant to be full technique videos, but important tips that can either fix a common problem or add a level of detail that may have been missed. Tips vary from sport jiu-jitsu tips to law enforcement specific. Each segment is only a few minutes in length.

Useful Movement Drills: These videos are more for the benefit of officers who are newer to jiu-jitsu. Having effective and efficient movement is absolutely critical in both sport sparring and street survival.

Film Studies: The purpose of the film studies to put ourselves into a realistic scenario and learn from the experience. The videos are not meant as a critique of the officer. Much like a professional sports team breaking down game film, dash cam and cell phone videos give us an opportunity to point out missed opportunities to end the encounter quicker.

Full Kit Technique: There is a big difference between training “slick” and training in full “kit”. Always training without your duty belt and vest can provide a false sense in freedom of movement. Some of your training time needs to be dedicated to conditions similar to what you’ll experience on the job. This also includes training on different surfaces. A holster will react different on grass than it will on a hard, slick surface.

Sport Technique: We can’t be work all the time. Blue Line BJJ exists to help keep cops and jailers safer on the job, but we also recognize the fun and stress relief sport training can provide. As time allows we’ll upload some of our favorite sport specific techniques for your enjoyment. Techniques are a mix of gi and no gi and favor simplicity over complexity.

Interviews: There are many magazines and podcasts out there that do a great job interviewing the top jiu-jitsu black belts. Most do a great job and we are fans of their work. However, our goal is to interview the “average” jiu-jitsu student who works full-time in law enforcement. Working the road or in corrections provides unique dangers and challenges. Blue Line BJJ is here to provide a sounding board for like-minded professionals.

If you have a video idea you’d like to submit, please let us know. Our goal with this video portion of the site is to make it as interactive as possible. That is especially true of anyone you feel would make for an interesting interview.