The mission of Blue Line BJJ is broken down into three main segments:

  • To provide efficient, realistic solutions to ground based problems commonly seen in law enforcement. We love competing in tournaments. We love training the latest & greatest guard set-ups and reversals. But we also understand there is a difference between tournament techniques and those that will work on the street. Our primary mission is to separate the sport side of jiu-jitsu from the self-defense and “street safe” techniques.
  • To provide a ‘Team within a Team’ to support our brothers and sisters in blue regardless of jiu-jitsu affiliation. We should all take pride in our individual teams. Often those teammates become extended family. We sweat with them, we bleed with them. The same holds true with our brothers and sisters wearing the badge and uniform. We want to foster a bond between LEO’s regardless of their home gym.
  • To provide a platform to share techniques and grow the sport aspect of jiu-jitsu. Not everything can be about work. There are times we are just looking for a fun stress relief and to challenge ourselves to become better. That can be accomplished by training the sport side of jiu-jitsu. Most of the focus will be on the fundamentals that are frankly missing from a lot of white and blue belt skillsets.


Disclaimer: The viewpoints and opinions expressed on this website are entirely those of Blue Line BJJ and are not to be taken as official views from the city or law enforcement agency where its members work. Any techniques that are demonstrated or discussed are to be done at your own risk. Consult with your local district attorney and your agency policy before implementing anything learned on this site. Federal law, State law, and agency policy always trump the opinion of Blue Line BJJ. Click Here for further.