One of the most important functions of Blue Line BJJ is to get police officers, sheriff deputies, and jailers to start training jiu-jitsu. What better way to do that then to hear the message from other LEO who are already on the mat training. In the coming months and years we’ll be interviewing men and women from across the country and explore why they feel jiu-jitsu benefits them while working the job. We’ll also learn their perspective on training in general and what they would tell someone who’s afraid to get on the mat for the first time.

If you are in law enforcement and train jiu-jitsu, we may be interested in interviewing you. Or perhaps you know someone in law enforcement that you think would be a great interview. Reach out to us via email, Facebook or Instagram to tell us your story. We are especially looking for female officers at any rank in jiu-jitsu. Please support our efforts by sharing these videos and spreading the word in the law enforcement community. As always, thank you for the support!

Buck RobertsonWashington County (WI) Sheriff’s Department

Blue Line BJJ recently sat down with Buck Robertson of the Washington County (WI) Sheriff’s Department. He is a SWAT Team Leader and trains with Professor Benjamin Salas at Seamless Progression Academy (Team Carlson Gracie) in Saukville, WI.

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